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Taxation Consulting with Restructuring/IPO

Restructuring, merger and acquisition provide opportunities for enterprises to integrate resources, occupy the market and list on the capital market. It also provides possibilities for reducing tax burden. Due to the complicated tax system and specific tax regulations in China, taxes applicable to different transaction models vary greatly. At the same time, different legal structures generate different effects on tax cost, and objects of merger and acquisition in different industries also have different tax factors.

Zhonghui provides tax consultation services during merger, spin-off, restructuring, acquisition, liquidation, and IPO, to assist in seeking the possibilities for tax planning and mitigation of potential risks during the above processes. The services also give forecast of the tax costs and risks under different scenarios to achieve tax optimization of the overall restructuring plan.

Range of major services includes but not limited to:

◆ Structural planning before restructuring, M&A

◆ Tax due diligence for targets of M&A

◆ Consulting on tax synchronization after M&A