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Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing refers to the pricing of various business transactions, such as the transfer and use of intangible assets, the purchase and sale of tangible assets, the transfer and use of tangible assets, the provision of labor services and the financing of funds. Enterprises should comply with the principle of independent trading when dealing with related enterprises and report related transactions annually according to China's current transfer pricing regulations. With the introduction of new regulations on the transfer of pricing in China, and the continuous improvement of relevant supplementary regulations and rules, China Tax Bureau is constantly increasing the investigation of the transfer pricing and making it one of the key priorities. In view of the transfer pricing problem complicated and it is still in its infancy at present in China in resolving international tax disputes, taxpayers generally want to avoid the evolution of tax disputes arising from the associated exchanges into an investigation into the transfer pricing of companies. Therefore, enterprises should examine their own risk of transfer pricing, and enhance tax compliance and reduce tax risks through preparation of transfer pricing data over the same period and application for booking pricing arrangements.

We are able to accumulate and share the internal rich experience of providing clients with pricing planning advice, documentation preparation, investigation defense and dispute resolution, and booking pricing arrangement services.

The main services include, but not limited to:

◆ Preparation of transfer pricing data over the same period

◆ Transfer pricing dispute coordination

◆ Transfer pricing and advance pricing arrangements

◆ Value chain transformation service