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Audit service for IPO and listed companies

Over the years, Zhonghui has provided quality auditing services to hundreds of listed companies and companies planning to be listed. Our capital markets business team is not only familiar with relevant codes and regulations, it has accumulated rich experience in handling various complex problems properly. We can identify the problem in advance and discuss with customers and relevant persons and propose solutions quickly.

For listed companies, we mainly provide annual reports, interim auditing, and other relevant special reports audited to be submitted according to supervision requirements and the listed company merger and reorganization audit services.

We provide the scope of IPO audit services, mainly including:

◆ Responsible investigation in earlier stage and feasibility study and consultation on listing;

◆ Participatory design ,and planning to reform and restructure assets of listed companies;

◆ To complete the audit and capital verification of the shares restructuring of pre-IPO listed companies;

◆ To complete the audit of financial statements, capital verification in IPO Declaration stage;

◆ To declare and verify financial statements. Internal-control attestation and other special audit work authentication.